Just because you got punched doesn’t mean that the damage (a very obvious and unappealing one at that) in your face is “facial nerve damage”.

Firstly, a simple punch can only give you pain and a bit of facial paralysis for days or weeks.  And secondly, a punch can only affect the external of your face and not that sensitive nerve located in your skull, like in the case of facial nerve damage. After getting punched, your face is still considerably normal except that some parts of it have black aching patches and you can still laugh about your rather, laughable condition.

Facial nerve damage

But if you, unfortunately, got your seventh cranial nerve (that nerve in your skull we’re talking about earlier), damaged from an accident maybe, or a disease, you just can’t laugh at yourself anymore. Facial nerve damage isn’t an ordinary facial disorder – it won’t let you move a single muscle in your face. That’s why we’re here to provide you information about this uncommon disease and how it’s treated.



Now, what causes this illness? Well it can be caused by a dreadful head accident, so dreadful that you’d hate god for not just taking your life instead. But facial nerve damage caused by accidents is a rare case. The most common causes of facial nerve damage are diseases such as Mononeuropathy, HIV infection, Lyme disease and Sarcoidosis. So, think you’re safe for it? No you’re not. Each one of us can have facial nerve damage for no obvious cause (bell’s palsy) — that’s how “lethal” this illness is. We’re not trying to scare you off here but hey, the truth always hurts.