Last night, you were dreaming about a really good thing. Let’s say, in that dream, that gorgeous officemate of yours was asking you to kiss her, and you did.


The kiss in the dream was really good and it made you twitch. Well, not just in your dream, but in the real “realm” as well. You, twitching while asleep, ended the dream as it woke you up. Surprisingly, instead of being really happy that morning, you were literally crying — crying for the excruciating pain the twitch gave you. And now, instead of being in the office with your attractive coworker, you’re still in your bedroom in the middle of the afternoon trying to figure out ways on how to treat your pinched nerve.


A pinched nerve isn’t actually hard to treat. You can do what everyone does when they’re feeling something painful: go to the doctor. Or if you don’t really want to hear your family doctor’s blabs about you fantasizing about your officemate again, do these simple instructions:

1) Take aspirin to relieve discomfort. Taking two aspirins every day can help prevent pinched-nerve pain from worsening.

2) Apply hot or cold packs. That’s in the area of your pinched nerve not in your love-sick brain.

3) Lift and carry only lightweight objects. And don’t even dare to make a sudden home rearrangement; we’re telling you.

4) Eat fibers. Embrace a diet of fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation.

5) Get out of your home and into your doctor. You just can’t evade him/her; he/she can only be the one to help you. It’s pointless for you to suffer from unrelenting pain, anyway.