Real causes of sciatic nerve damage


Whenever there is nerve damage or any problem in any part of the body, there must be some reason for that. There are many problems that causes for sciatic nerve damage.

A few causes of the condition have been explained below.

Herniated disc

Herniated disc is known as the damaged disc or any disc that contains disorders in it. This may be caused due to a number of reasons.

nerve damage

The most common reason among all is the nucleus pulposus. Because of the damaged disc there is a great risk of the disc to get the worst condition or simple broken by the slight pressure.

Nerve damage

The damaged condition of the disc is also because the material of the disc becomes acidic in nature. Both the conditions cause tingling, pain, inflammation and weakness in muscles.

Spinal stenosis

The nerve condition that is more common among the people especially adults is known as spinal stenosis. This is a kind of nerve compression disorder. Sometimes, leg pain also becomes similar to the sciatic nerve damage pain. Such pain even causes problems in walking, standing and running of a person.


nerve damage

It is a kind of sciatic nerve damage that affects the spinal part of the body. It is caused by the movement of the vertebra. When one vertebra moves and slips on the second vertebra then this condition occurs. This condition becomes severe and is known as compression when one vertebra displaced other one. It is majorly found at the time of birth or sometimes people develop it from physical stress, spinal degeneration or trauma.


When the sciatic nerve damages because of theexternal pressure applied on the body, then it is known as trauma. This may also be in the result of some accident, immediate breakdown or by hurting with something extreme.  


Piriformis is a condition in which the sciatic nerve damage does not take place, but the pain in the sciatic nerve is just because of the weakness in the muscles. When the muscles cause irritation, the nerves cause pain. It is extremely difficult to identify such a cause because there is lack of x-rays technology in the market.


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