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Are you suffering from facial nerve damage? Also referred to as facial nerve disorder, this medical condition can end up as a serious problem if not treated. Facial nerve refers to cranial nerve VII, a very important nerve in your face. One of the functions of the facial nerve is to control the movement of your face muscles when smiling or frowning. This is a serious disorder, but can be treated if figured out early. To help you easily identify facial nerve damage, here are some of the symptoms of this disorder.

Symptoms of Facial nerve damage


facial nerves

Facial Distortion

Facial nerve damage distorts your face muscles such that you cannot move the muscles freely. Facial nerve damage patients have difficulties in expressing facial expressions when frowning or smiling. They may also have difficulty when closing their eyes. This disorder may also cause your face muscles to sag making you feel abnormal stiffness on your face. Your face is very crucial as it has a big role in communication. Most people will read your face before listening to what you are about to say. With such a condition, it will be very difficult to communicate effectively.

Change of taste ability

Did you know that your facial nerve controls your ability to taste foods and drinks? This nerve plays a role in your ability to produce saliva. Damage to this facial nerve means an alteration to your taste ability. You will find that, people suffering from this condition will have unusual taste preference to food and drinks. If not treated, the condition may cause a complete taste loss to the patient.


facial nerve damage

facial nerve damage

Facial paralysis

This is among the severe symptoms of facial nerve damage. Usually, there is communication between your brain and your muscles on how and when to move during facial expressions. This communication is transmitted through the facial nerve. Damage to this nerve, therefore, means that there will be no effective communication between the two. This condition may also worsen resulting to partial paralysis, which is basically paralyzing part of your face.

Change in hearing ability

Partial paralysis may affect one of your ears ability. This is when you have abnormal hearing such that almost all of sounds are abnormally loud to your ears. This condition may also result to hyperactive, a condition where one is sensitive to certain sounds.

These are some of the symptoms of facial nerve damage. If you are experience one or all of these symptoms, it is recommended that you see a doctor as soon as possible. You can also avoid some of these symptoms by visit your doctor regularly. Regular checkups ensure that the disorder will be detected and treated early enough before getting worse.