The question that’s probably circling your mind right now is, “what’s so special about nerves?” Well, to tell you honestly, these rather, unpopular parts of the body are a hundred million times more important than your Porsche cars and your girlfriend/s combined.


You should thank your nerves for giving your brain that signal that asked you to wear a jacket during that time the weather was icy cold, so you won’t catch a cold and you didn’t. Thank your nerves as well for giving you a nice life, without them, you wouldn’t even be able to work for a living.

Yes, you should protect your nerves (that’s close to being a common sense). Now, nerves are found all over our bodies and all of them have equal importance in our everyday bodily processes. But since we are very visual beings — we base our impressions through the face — it can be said that the most important nerve to protect is the one found in our skulls, the seventh cranial nerve.

Why is that so? As we’ve said, we are very visual. We “characterize” people through their faces. If your facial nerve gets damaged, everyone you’ll meet for the first time, wouldn’t like you at all and wouldn’t talk to you again. You know you aren’t antisocial, but you really can’t blame them from acting so mean to you.


They don’t know that you didn’t smile when they greeted you because you simply CAN’T smile, or you have facial drooping because you’re suffering from a serious illness not because you’re an alien or something. Well, at least you can blame them for being irresponsible for not knowing about your condition. Perhaps, you should ask them to visit our site.